1. Good Signage

Your booth is only as good as your signage. Can attendees clearly see your banner? Is the font easy to read from any angle? Does it follow your branding? Make sure that you have multiple, good quality signs to display.

  1. A Power Cord

A long power cord, ideally 30 ft to 50 ft long can be a game changer, especially if your exhibit depends on electricity. But even if it doesn’t you may be able to save the day for another exhibitor, thereby forging a valuable connection!

  1. Freebies

Everyone loves freebies! Order good quality promotional products with your company’s logo and branding scheme in advance and order more than you think you’ll need. Try to incorporate a promotional product that solves an anticipated need. Will attendees need a way to carry all the freebies they scoop up at the trade show? Branded tote bags!

  1. Branded Badges/ Clothing

While we are talking branding, its important to think about how your brand representatives will be perceived. It helps your brand if they look professional and well dressed. You can make sure they do if they are equipped with company shirts and professional badges. First impressions really do matter!

  1. Dolly Cart

A box-moving handcart with handles at one end, wheels at the base, with a small ledge to set objects on will make booth set-up and tear-down a whole lot easier. Show promoters often have one for exhibitor use, but in a large show you could be stuck waiting for that cart for a long time. Save yourself the hassle and invest in your own.

  1. Snacks & Water

Show days are often super busy. You’ll likely be making connections and working leads all day without an opportunity to stop for lunch. Prepare for this by stocking up on high protein snacks and lots of water. If possible, bring extra water bottles for potential customers or fellow exhibitors.

  1. Crisis Kit

Nothing says “amateur” like a sloppy banner falling off its fixture. To keep your smooth and professional appearance intact, prepare ahead for potential booth problems by assembling a crisis kit. Fill a lightweight toolbox with zip ties, table clamps, band aids, scissors, duct tape, chewing gum, aspirin, paperclips, etc.

  1. Contact Cards

Even in this world of digital connection, nothing beats a good old-fashioned, well-designed business card printed on quality cardstock. Solidify the leads your make at your booth by making sure the prospect walks away with your card in hand.

  1. Holders

The best promotional flyers can look messy if they are scattered all over your table haphazardly. Include stands for flyers and business card holders in your display budget. A well-organized booth reflects well on your business.

  1. A Sense of Humor

Despite all your best efforts, mistakes will happen! When things go wonky, try to find the funny, fix what you can, and move on. Take what you learn from these situations and apply it to the next trade show. You’re well on your way to becoming a seasoned trade show exhibitor!